I’m Briana, a blogger from the sunshine state.
Apart from my work, you can typically find me at the gym, or wandering around in search of a new place to eat, shop or hang with friends.
Overall, I’m just a creative gal who loves fashion, sports, cooking and traveling to new places. 
This blog has many layers; it’s a lifestyle balancing fashion, fitness, food and so much more. But more importantly, it’s all about focusing on the little, positive things that make each day unique.
  1. I'm a health nut 90% of the time - so fruits, veggies, acai bowls/juicing are staples in my diet.
  2. I also have a serious love for chocolate - white chocolate is my favorite. I'm pretty sure that I eat at least one piece of sweetness every day. No regrets.
  3. I speak Spanish, but I'm trying to learn Italian (slowly, but surely). 
  4. I'm a sucker for foreign accents, and I have a list of places I'd love to travel to including France, Australia, Italy, Brazil, Spain and Greece.
  5. I can't blow a bubble with my chewing gum, or blow up a balloon... the struggle is real.
  6. While I'm a true Floridian, I absolutely love the fall and winter seasons! My family and I usually travel to some of our favorite spots in the Carolinas or Tennessee to see the leaves and snow each year.
  7. I laugh at absolutely everything, not kidding. Blame it on my silly personality or odd sense of humor, but you will typically find me laughing about something. Smiles and laughs are contagious, so I'm just doing my best to spread the love. 
  8. I'm deathly afraid of sharks and snakes. Frogs and lizards also freak me out. 
  9. My favorite color is yellow - it reminds me of sunflowers and it's eye-catching. But, the colors that I wear the most are black, white, gray and blue. 
  10. A few of my favorite words are eclectic, moxie and elysian.


  1. This post has honestly helped me so much! I'm definitely going to try a lot of these ideas. Thank you so much for posting this. I really enjoy reading your blog!
    Lifestyle Blog

  2. Hi Briana. Just came across your blog from Jenn (ThisJennGirl)'s New Years resolutions blog post. I'm a new beauty & lifestyle blogger in the Tampa Bay area and I'm really excited to see that there are some awesome bloggers over on this side of Florida. Really enjoy your style & blog. Would love to connect with you sometime. Best wishes!

    Meagan | http://www.meaganaguayo.com

    1. Hi Meagan! Thanks so much for dropping by and the kind words! It's always nice to meet/hear from other bloggers in the area :) I hope that we can meet in person some time! Love your blog!!
      xx, Bri


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