Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Cheers! Bartaco's Margarita March is Back and Better Than Before

Blood, Sweat and Cheers Margarita

Bartaco's Margarita March is back!

Last year I couldn't get enough of their tasty margs - I'm addicted to them year-round if we're being honest. There were a few that I didn't get the chance to try, so I'm making it a point to get to them this season! Lantz and I went to dinner at our favorite spot last weekend and got the chance to try out some delicious new menu items like their corn fritters. GUYS - I am not a fan of corn or jalapenos at all and I found these fritters to be irresistible.

Corn Fritters - Appetizer

Guac and Salsa Trio, La Rosita Margarita and Blood, Sweat and Cheers Margarita

After ordering our usual salsa and guac trio, we got the chance to try out the Blood, Sweat and Cheers margarita as well as La Rosita margarita (going to be featured later this month). Both of them were absolutely delicious! I was a bit skeptical if I would like the Blood, Sweat and Cheers - as I usually shy away from spicy margs (I'm a sweet or sour flavor kinda girl). Oh, but was I wrong. It's actually one of my new favorites! Lantz was a big fan as well, so I sipped on La Rosita while he enjoyed that one. 

As the margaritas started to kick in, our tacos arrived to the table. BEST. TACOS. EVER. Our favorites that we order each time are the duck, carne asada, rock shrimp, pork belly and mojo pork carnitas. Literally no Bartaco meal is complete for me without duck and mojo pork carnita tacos.

Pork Belly, Carne Asada, Duck and Mojo Pork Carnita Tacos

While we were there we got the chance to savor the previous #bartacosecret taco, crispy brussel sprouts, one last time! Now the crispy avocado taco is back, so obviously we'll be heading to Bartaco for dinner on Friday again to get a bite of those!

Crispy Brussel Sprouts Taco (#bartacosecret for limited time)

Just like every other visit we've made to our local Bartaco, everything was phenomenal! I don't think we've ever experienced a bad meal at our favorite taco spot. Pair that with the atmosphere and amazing staff... why go anywhere else to eat?

Until next time (or this weekend).

x, B
Thanks to Bartaco Hyde Park for providing this meal for review. As always, all opinions are my own.


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