Thursday, February 28, 2019

What is a Bridal Luncheon? Should You Have One and Party Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

There are so many events leading up to a wedding from showers to engagement parties! 

While most of these are coordinated by parents, friends and volunteer hosts, a bridal luncheon is a chance for the bride to say thank you to her bridal party for everything they've done throughout the year. It's a completely optional event to have, but a great opportunity for everyone to be together before walking down the aisle.

Personalized makeup bags, glasses and jewelry trays from Bash

The event doesn't have to be anything over the top - it could be a brunch, lunch, dinner or even a trip to the spa. The common question is usually, who hosts the event? Since it's an optional event, most of the time the mother of the bride or the bride herself will host. 

Who should attend?

This event is reserved only for those participating in the wedding ceremony. Typically this would include the bridesmaids, the flower girl (and her mom if she's younger), mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and any siblings of the bride and groom. If you want a larger party, you can extend the invite out to grandmothers, female friends and aunts. In case it wasn't obvious - NO BOYS ALLOWED! 

Personalized jewelry tray from Bash

When should it take place?

Should all of your bridal party be in town for the days leading up to the wedding, you can host it then. If that isn't the case or you have many that are out of town, you can plan for one of the months prior to the wedding whenever works best with everyone's schedule. I have a few members of my bridal party that live out of the state, and I don't want to ask them to travel back and forth for so many events. You can plan your soiree for whenever works best for everyone!

Personalized makeup bags, glasses and jewelry trays from Bash, Ring box by The Mrs. Box

What happens at the event?

Lots of fun! This event is all about cherishing your time with your girls and giving them all the love. It's a perfect opportunity to shower them with small gifts (especially if they are things you want them to use on the wedding day)! The bride may also choose to say a few words, but it's not required. There are a bunch of adorable games you can purchase for the party and give away small prizes!

Personalized makeup bags from Bash

Now for the fun part - the gifts! I've had so much fun working with Bash for the most adorable personalized items for the girls. Everything you've seen pictured in this post is from their Etsy shop, and below are even more ideas for all of you!

Gift Ideas:

Bridesmaid Robes (how cute are these?!)
Stemless Plastic Champagne Glasses (with their names or Bridesmaid/MOH)

The quality of the products was top notch! Every piece looked like a work of art! I can't wait to share all the adorable options they have for Bachelorette parties soon. If you haven't checked out Bash yet, you can find them on Etsy and Instagram for more inspo!


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Thanks to Bash for providing products for this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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