Friday, April 6, 2018

A Day at J Joseph Salon With Redken

If that picture of me under the hair dryer isn't the sexiest thing ever... 

Just kidding.

But, my day spent at J Joseph Salon with the Redken team was nothing less than superb! Living in Florida, my hair is exposed to crazy humidity, damaging sun rays and just overall dryness. I am typically one who shampoos and conditions every day to keep oiliness at bay (I touch my hair more than I should) and keep it smooth. 

With the Redken team, I got the chance to try out some of their amazing treatments including a clear Shades EQ Gloss (I have virgin hair - never been color treated) and a HeatCure treatment! The end results were absolutely AMAZING, and I've received compliments on my hair ever since. 

Once I arrived at J Joseph Salon I got to meet my talented stylist, Roy Naccour. He is the best when it comes to color, balayage and making your hair shine like you never thought possible. He started me off with the clear Shades EQ Gloss, hence my attractive photo underneath the dryer above. From there we moved onto the HeatCure process, locking in all the Redken product goodness. Side note, but if you've never smelled Redken products, you're missing out! They smell so good it should be illegal. 

The HeatCure treatment brought my hair back to life! Coupled with the gloss, my hair was silky smooth and unbelievably shiny. To put it in perspective for you, I haven't needed to use conditioner on my hair for the last 3 weeks... Yes, you read that right.

When Roy blew out my hair, the results were incredible!! You can see below for a quick video we took during out Snapchat and Instagram takeover on Redken's channels. If you're reading this Roy, please do my hair every day. For all my girls in the area, you must give Roy a call for your next cut, color or hair treatment! You can find him on Instagram as @RoyNacc.

The Redken team was so amazing to work with, and I can't recommend their products and treatments enough! I've been a lover of their All Soft line for years thanks to my mom introducing me to them. It's actually LIQUID GOLD. 

Here's a video showing my hair straightened so you can really see that shine:

A huge thank you to the Redken team for these complimentary treatments, Roy, and the team at J Joseph Salon!

x, B
Thanks to Redken for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I love getting my hair done! Yours looks great!



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