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The Best Luggage For Traveling + What To Pack In Your Cosmetic Bag

The Best Luggage For Traveling & What To Pack In Your Cosmetic Bag

One of the most frequently asked questions I get in regards to travel is, "What luggage do you use?" When it comes to shopping for the best luggage, there are a ton of options on the market. But, almost everyone I know makes the same comment about needing to buy new luggage because theirs is old, dirty, broken or just plain ugly. I've been using the same luggage from almost 10 years, the same set I bought when I went away for a summer in Washington D.C. during high school.

Needless to say, it was about time I invested in a new set. Now, I still keep my original set in storage in case I ever need a backup or simply need more suitcases for whatever adventure comes. But, with airport travel regulations continuing to become stricter on luggage and the amount that people are traveling around the world, you should make sure that your suitcases are up to date.

The Best Luggage For Traveling & What To Pack In Your Cosmetic Bag

Since my first international trip in 2015, I've been telling Lantz how I wanted to invest in some hardside luggage. Now for all of my travelers out there who already own such pieces, you know why these can be so much better during your vacation. The biggest reasons of them all being that the hardside is easy to clean if it gets dirty, and there is no ability for most of them to expand past the traditional carry-on limits.

The Best Luggage For Traveling & What To Pack In Your Cosmetic Bag

Let's face it - traveling with just a carry-on suitcase is so much easier. Who wants to pay to check bags (unless you have an amazing travel rewards program - shoutout to Amex/Delta for being the real MVP) and wait at baggage claim for them to arrive before your next flight or getting to your final destination? Literally nobody enjoys this, but we know there are security measures in play that we must follow. I'm convinced these sometimes pain-in-the-butt procedures are putting people even more on-edge while traveling, and therefore making them the crabby passengers next to you hogging all the arm space on the plane.

The Best Luggage For Traveling & What To Pack In Your Cosmetic Bag

Save yourself the misery and just invest in the right luggage set to make your packing and traveling 100 times easier. For that, there's Delsey luggage. Not only does this brand sell high-quality and good-looking luggage options, but they also have any size that your traveling could require including an international sized carry-on and approved garment bags. Plus, their luggage features TSA approved zipper locks - saving you money having to buy locks! I've seen their iconic Chatlet luggage sets before and was so excited to partner with them this year to share their amazing products.

The Best Luggage For Traveling & What To Pack In Your Cosmetic Bag

There are two big things to consider when investing in a great hardside luggage set - weight and durability. Thankfully, Delsey checks all of these boxes offering options made from titanium for durability to pieces that are as light as air to carry. My current favorites are the Bastille Lite carry-on and 25" spinner. Check out their website for all of their luggage options to find that set that is just right for you!

The Best Luggage For Traveling & What To Pack In Your Cosmetic Bag

The second most-asked question that I get in regards to travel is what I pack in my cosmetic bag. This can obviously vary depending on the trip, but these are typically some of the items that you can find in my cosmetic bag while traveling:

  • BB Cream or Buildable Foundation and Concealer - As many of us love to use expensive beauty products (my main foundation costs around $65), this is the time where you may want to leave it at home. While I love my makeup more than anything, when traveling internationally I always run the risk of having to throw it away at customs (if it doesn't fit into a quart-size ziploc with all of my other beauty products) or it could get lost in transit. If you must take expensive products, try putting them into travel size containers instead of taking the entire bottle. Personally, I love taking a hydrating product, like Neutrogena's Hydrating Tint as it keeps my skin feeling fresh after sitting on a plane for hours as well. 
  • Primer - Hourglass Mineral Veil is my absolute holy grail.
  • Mascara - I typically don't wear eyeliner or eyeshadow unless it's for special occasion, so just plan according to your itinerary!
  • Bronzer - Can't go anywhere without it! 
  • Brow Product - Smashbox Brow-Tech is amazing for the on-the-go gal!
  • Hydrating Lip Balms/Gloss - I've been lovely Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Lip Shine products! They keep my lips soft and hydrated all day long while adding a little color. 
  • BeautyBlender, Q-tips and cotton balls for skincare regimen and hygiene needs.
  • Skincare Products - I LOVE Obagi skincare, which is pricey. So, I split them into travel size bottles with just the right amount that I need for the trip. Also included is my First Aid Beauty Moisturizer (travel-size) and Serious Skincare under-eye cream.

If we plan to be gone for more than a week, I may throw in a few more beauty items including tweezers, mini eye palette and other lipstick options. Most of the time, we are exploring all over the place or participating in outdoor activities, which means that I try to take it light in this area. My packing list for Paris later this year will be a bit of a different story, and I'll be sure to document that info for you guys as well leading up to trip time! 

Now, time to jet!

x, B

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