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5 Date Night Essentials For Every Woman

5 Date Night Essentials For Every Woman

Movie date, who's in?!?! Whether you've been with your significant other for 6 months or 20 years, date nights should always be built into our calendar. Of course, every time you're together could be considered a date. But, when you actually mark the calendar with a time to explore something new, or go out for a fun dinner and event it feels extra special. It's one of the things that I love about my relationship with Lantz. I am ALWAYS wanting to go try somewhere new or experience a different activity here in the area. 

With that, I always like to have my date night essentials ready to rock and roll. Whether you're going to a fancy steak dinner or to the movies, you can always look put-together for your cutie! 

5 Date Night Essentials For Every Woman

The Perfect Outfit

I always have a seasonal "date dress" in my closet. In the spring and summer, this is easy as I live in Florida and have multiple dresses. But, in the fall and winter, I love adding some long-sleeve maxi dresses and jumpsuit options to my wardrobe. In addition to that "date dress" I have my favorite cozy sweater, dark denim and statement belt for a more casual night out. Having date night options in your closet should be easy, but make sure you have that one piece for a special evening. Don't let the excuse of not having something to wear keep you from going somewhere! 

A Practical Shoe

Sure, we can grab our highest stilettos for a night out at the club with bae, but that's not the case 90% of the time (at least in my life). Instead, opt for a neutral block heel or low heel that you'll be able to wear all night long while you walk around town, a food festival or to a concert. I keep all my heels under three inches in this case, and I love mixing in loafers as an option depending on the activity! 

5 Date Night Essentials For Every Woman

The Right Makeup

Now, I vary my makeup routine depending on what we're doing that day. I normally don't wear much makeup at all - I actually go sans makeup almost every day. For more casual settings like dinner and movies, I reach for my favorite concealer to cover up any small blemishes or discoloring. After that, I swipe on some mascara, bronzer and apply my brow product. Other than that, I grab my lip color and am out the door! For special occasions, events and gatherings with friends, I usually do all of the above with the addition of my normal foundation by Laura Mercier. It's a lighter foundation that is buildable, so I love the fact that it doesn't look heavy on my skin. Putting your best face forward will make you feel more confident and enjoy your time out! 

A Small, Yet Stylish Bag

Nobody likes to lug around a 10-pound purse on a date. If it hurts my arm after 30 minutes, I have to leave it in the car. It's the worst! So, rather than feeling like you've dislocated your shoulder or broken your neck, just opt for a handy clutch that can fit the necessities - your credit card/cash, phone, lipstick and other small hygiene items. Here's a few of my favorites:

An Open Mind

We've all been on dates that don't quite live up to your expectations. Well, I'm here to tell you to throw those expectations out the window. Some of the best dates of my life have been completely spontaneous or have erupted out of a unfortunate instance - a.k.a. the restaurant was closed that day. Just know that sometimes you can create some amazing memories if you just let life take its course. After all, just being with your loved one should put a smile on your face. In a world that seems to be so negative, how about we cherish all of the happy moments (regardless of how small they are)?

x, B


  1. You are beautiful and your hair is stunning! Def agree with your must have date items!

  2. I love your suggestions. Very practical

  3. So glad you mentioned an open mind, some of my best moments have been when I stopped over-thinking and just went with the flow.


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