Friday, February 9, 2018

Drybar South Tampa Open For Blowout Business

Calling all beauty and blowout lovers! I'm SO excited to report that Tampa now has a Drybar location! Their services are perfect for weddings, events or just your weekly wash and dry. I had an amazing time previewing this new location and experiencing first-hand all of their services. 

Above everything else, I can assure you that you will not be able to stop sniffing your hair after visiting Drybar and using their products. They smell AMAZING. Curious about what Drybar has to offer? I'm breaking it down for you below.

Anne Phillips Photography
Anne Phillips Photography

Anne Phillips Photography
Upon arrival to Drybar, you have the option to take a peek through their lookbook (unless you're a frequent visitor and know what you're going for). There are a variety of options to choose from including large curls, messy beach waves, updos and braided styles. Every style includes a luxurious wash using their incredible shampoo products - it contains charcoal to remove all residue from your hair without stripping away its health. I opted for the "Cosmo-Tai" during my visit - a blend of large curls and beachy waves.

Anne Phillips Photography
You can expect to find friendly staff everywhere in this establishment. I was talking to my "Bartender" Kelsey about so many different things, and she was a doll! Believe it or not, I think Drybar would be a great place to do some work on my iPad or laptop while my hair is being done. Plus there are large screen TVs in front of every seat where you can find the best chick flicks playing all day long!

Some of my favorite products that were used during my visit were Hot Toddy, Triple Sec and Texas Tea! I made sure to communicate to my bartender before hand that I wanted volume and texture for my look. 

Anne Phillips Photography
The South Tampa Drybar location is absolutely stunning (and total bonus that it's my favorite color combination EVER) and the perfect spot to go for a gals day or before your next event! Who knows, I may just have to host an event here sometime so all of my friends can experience how amazing it is!

Have you ever had a blowout before? Where are your favorite places to do? Tell me in the comments!


x, B
Thanks to Drybar South Tampa for the complimentary experience and for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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