Thursday, February 8, 2018

3-Day Guide for Amsterdam, Netherlands (+The Best Pancakes EVER)

Okay, so I have to be completely honest with you guys... Amsterdam was the location I was least looking forward to before our last trip. Ironically enough, it ended up being my FAVORITE stop during our last vacation. Every single street was breathtaking - the architecture, the colors, and the number of bikes I had to try not to trip over.

If you are in any way a bike-riding lover, this is the city for you. I can't blame the riders though, because this city's charm is not one you want to drive by quickly. I wanted to soak in every minute of its beauty.

We had been warned by a bunch of friends who've visited to keep an eye out always for bikers in the vicinity... They weren't joking. Once you're accustomed to that, everything else will be just fine. We found that most of the people in Amsterdam were friendly towards Americans, and they were willing to help us whenever needed. Plus, they speak and understand English almost perfectly, so there was no severe language barrier to worry about.

Now there's a difference between a coffeeshop and cafe in Amsterdam. If you've studied up on this location, you know what I mean. But for the newcomers, take note to save yourself some embarrassment. Coffee shops in Amsterdam are alcohol-free establishments where cannabis is sold and consumed. More than likely, you'll be able to smell them right away to distinguish the locations.

There are so many wonderful places to stay during your visit in Amsterdam, but here are my favorites to choose from:

Curious about what things there are to do while you're visiting Amsterdam? There's something for everyone to love including:
Take a Canal Cruise
Visit the Heineken experience
Witness the Red Light District in person
Run/Bike around Vondel Park
Try a Space Cake (the locals can help you if you're a first-timer)
Visit the Van Gogh Museum
Tour the Anne Frank House
Stroll through the Rijksmuseum

Be sure to check with your hotel concierge for more information about day-trips and other hot spots around Amsterdam! 

And now on to the best part, the EATS! See below for some of our favorite spots that we visited during our trip!
Ree7 - you MUST get the pancakes and acai bowl! Plus, the fresh mint tea is to-die-for

We can't wait to go back to Amsterdam again in the future! 

x, B



  1. Beyond jealous! This looks like so much fun, what an adventure!



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