Monday, October 30, 2017

Hosting A Spooky Soirée At Home With Google

Though I am usually not the Halloween type, I'm switching things up this year and embracing the spooky holiday. This could also be due to the fact that L and I live together now and he is a Halloween lover. But, I was a little more excited about it when I started working with Google to experience this Google Home Mini

Not only is it the perfect centerpiece for any Halloween hostess, but it also brings all the spooky fun. Don't believe me? Try saying this to your Google Home Mini the next time it's powered on: "Hey Google, show me something spooky!"

Setting the perfect party table can be easy! All you need to do is start with the basics and build out from there. In my case, I knew that I needed popcorn, pita chips, my favorite hummus dip (sriracha hummus from Trader Joe's!), rosé and loads of sweets. I grabbed my favorite marble serving boards from Target and Crate & Barrel - I always stick with neutrals in my home, and the marble is a perfect complement. I covered them in yummy pumpkin spice cookies and half moon cookies!

Make sure you have drink options for everyone! In my home, I always like to serve one non-alcoholic option for those that would prefer not to drink. So, while the wine is always flowing, I usually pair it with some delicious sparkling lemonade or a virgin cocktail (ginger ale concoctions are perfect for this!).

Once that's all out on the table, its time for decor. I like to keep things simple! I opted for mini metallic skulls, a fun banner to cover the front of the table, and festive essentials like cute ghost napkins. After all, you want to create an environment that's open, friendly and welcoming for your guests. Don't make them worry about messing up a crowded table or wondering where they can find a napkin. Make it easy!

No home party would be complete without the entertainment, and that's where the Google Home Mini comes into play. It easily syncs with your phone to be able to play your favorite playlist and more. PLUS, did you know that it can operate wireless lighting?! We tested this out with some color-changing lighting while binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix, and it made the experience even better.

I LOVE interior decor and party planning, and am hoping to do a bit more around the holidays this year! My baking and holiday decor bin is overflowing with too many cute packs of cocktail napkins for it not to happen....

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  1. I love the whole set up! So spooky in the best way!



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