Saturday, January 11, 2020

5 Ways to Style Birdy Grey's Chicky Convertible Dress

After our wedding - can't believe it's been almost two months since the big day - a bunch of you had questions about my bridesmaid's dresses. Birdy Grey was a dream to work with for my bridal party! The color options, style choices and price point made it all too easy for me to say yes to the dresses.

Among the different style options are BG's convertible dresses, which were a fan favorite with my girls. With wedding season coming up quick (we have seven different weddings to attend this year alone!), I wanted to share a few ways to style the Birdy Grey Chicky Convertible Dress. By the way, all of these stylings can be replicated with the Grace and Christina dress!

I truly think this convertible option is perfect for any bridesmaid or as a wedding guest dress. There are a bunch of beautiful colors to choose from, and even more options to be released this spring! I was in love with this Emerald shade as soon as I saw it. The top and back can be converted more than 20 different ways, making it a dress you can wear over and over again.

Did I mention that all of Birdy Grey's dresses are only $99? HECK YES. They've recently added a new Curve collection for plus sizes and now offer men's accessories to match each of the dress hues. It's pretty much a piece of cake to make your bridal party look fantastic with the help of BG.

Here's a few of my favorite styles for you all to see. And if you're curious what color my 'maids were wearing, I went with the Taupe color! More photos to come soon:

x, B

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