Monday, August 20, 2018

Step Up Your Soiree With The Perfect Scent

The very first thing that I notice when I walk into someone’s home for a party or while visiting is the smell! I am adamant about keeping our home smelling fresh, clean and delicious for anyone who walks through our front door.

So this past week when I put together a little girl’s night gathering at our place, I knew I wanted the perfect summer scent around our setup. I was serving assorted cheeses, fruits, nuts and wine in my living room. Recently, I’ve been trying out different Chesapeake Bay Candle scents from their Heritage Collection throughout my house to figure out which ones I loved most. I’ve narrowed it down to four amazing options that you can place in your kitchen, living room or bedroom to make any room smell amazing for your summer guests.

With my food selection and vibe in the living room, I opted for the Sea Salt Coconut scent. It’s light, airy and smelled alongside the rest of the spread. It’s a floral aquatic fragrance with a touch of pink grapefruit and orange essential oils! Plus the packaging just fit my living room design so well - a natural, minimal design with modern aspects. I love the frosted glass and the wooden top!

We made our way into the kitchen throughout the night to refill our plates, whip up some chocolate lava cakes for dessert and pop another bottle of wine. In my kitchen, I always lean toward a clean, fresh smell. Chesapeake Bay Candle’s Wild Lemongrass scent did just the trick! This scent includes sparkling verbena, aromatic lavender, and cool garden mint. My friends kept asking where the heavenly smell was coming from, and I pointed them to the candle up on the bar that was burning.

I like to take every room into consideration when having guests over, including the bedroom and bathroom! In order for any of our guests to get to the bathroom they have to walk through our bedroom, so I always make sure I have my scent train keeping up from room to room. In my bedroom and office, I love the Leather Mahogany scent. For some reason I love the rich, semi-masculine scents in those areas - it just smells so decadent! The top notes of zesty citrus and raspberry balance the spicy floral heart of jasmine, lily, and clove. In my bathroom, I burned the Cypress and Oak candle to mask any smells and match my rustic decor theme. I absolutely love candles with touches of eucalyptus, spearmint and oak.

Needless to say, my guests kept commenting on how amazing my house smelled the entire evening, so I had to share these secrets with you all. If you want to make your guests feel right at home during your next gathering, make sure it smells like home! I don’t mind keeping the rep for best-smelling household amongst our friends - I’m taking that as a win!

If you’re curious about Chesapeake Bay Candle’s other scents or candle options, you can see all of their options on Amazon.

Let me know if you have any favorites that I should try next!

x, B
Thanks to Chesapeake Bay Candle for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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