Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Save Time and Money With Simple Contacts | By Lantz

True life: I tell Lantz at least once a week how beautiful his blue eyes are. 

I'm talking little swimming pools, people - they're mesmerizing. Lantz has worn contacts for almost 12 years, so he's accustomed to routine eye exams and contact refills. Let's be honest, these things can get a bit expensive when it's all bundled together. 

But now, there's a new way to do things! Introducing Simple Contacts, which helps customers refill their contact prescriptions easily and quickly. Plus, you can take a vision test easily at home right through the app. Lantz is sharing his entire experience below!

Hey everyone- I've been a contact lens wearer for a long time now as Briana alluded to. I had grown really accustomed to going to my local optometrist each and every year to renew my prescription and pick up a couple boxes of contacts. 

My optometrist is phenomenal, but in reality, it's pretty expensive to have a required exam annually just to renew your prescription (which in my individual case, doesn't change each and every time). 

Simple Contacts was an awesome process to simplify the logistics, renew my prescription inexpensively, and have my contacts sent directly my way. I highly recommend it for those of you out there who want to save money on any part of this process, especially if your eyesight doesn't change much year-over-year! 

If you're curious about how this process with Simple Contacts works, here's a breakdown for you:
  • Download the app from the app store onto your phone or tablet.
  • Once you create an account, you have the option to take a short eye exam for just $30. Keep in mind - these should not completely replace annual exams, so please consult your eye doctor before making this a routine habit.
  • If you already have your contact prescription handy, you can select the brand you wear and input your prescription strength - Acuvue Oasys is the brand I use.

Once all of your information is input, your contacts will be ordered and on their way to you. It really is as simple as that!

If any of you have any more questions about how the service works, please feel free to comment below and we'll see how we can help!

Want to get $30 off your first Simple Contacts order? Use code BRIANA30 at checkout.

- Lantz

Thanks so much to Simple Contacts for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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