Sunday, January 14, 2018

5 Daily Vitamins That Should Be Part of Your Routine

Once upon a time, I used to take daily vitamins including fish oil, a multivitamin and vitamin C. Over the years my supplements have found their way out of my routine, and I think it's time to refresh with a few new players.

When looking for daily supplements, I want ones that will promote healthy digestion, skin, immunity, heart and bone health. It's the little additions that can go a long way! I worked with Care/Of to create the perfect daily vitamin pack based on what I was looking for. Some of these supplements I had not heard of before, but their benefits are rather amazing. Curious to know that they are? Keep reading below...

For starters, when designing your package with Care/Of, know that this regimen is completely personalized for YOU. That's not to say you couldn't share with others, but they may have different allergies or needs than you may have. Your vitamin packets will be delivered in a handy dispenser that you can keep on your kitchen counter, bathroom cabinet or wherever will help you remember to take them! Each pack includes an information card with supplement facts to remind you what's in your pack.

Wondering what was in my custom pack? Here's a breakdown of my daily regimen:

Probiotic Blend - helps naturally regulate the digestive system.

Calcium Plus - Calcium from Icelandic algae, plus vitamins K and D, formulated to support bone health.

B-Complex - fermented for absorption, energy support and supports the nervous system.

Multivitamin - easy to digest, and complements any typical diet with essential vitamins and minerals.

Astaxanthin - powerful antioxidant for brain, heart and skin health.

If you're curious about what Care/Of can offer you, I highly recommend you check out all of their products! You can even filter by concern to find all the supplements you may be missing. Once you place your order you will get monthly refills sent your way, but you always have the option to modify your monthly pack to add something new. 

Let's kickstart 2018 on a healthy note! Want 25% off your first month? Use code BRIANA25 at checkout! 

x, B
Thanks to Care/Of for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. 


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