Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Grand Cayman Travel Guide: 4 Days on the Island

Yes, my life has been crazy and I am just now getting to share this travel guide with you all! It's currently my travel season, so I'm on-the-go almost every weekend! I already have another travel guide coming your way this week, too.

In late August we got the chance to travel to the island for a 4-day trip with L's work team. It was my first time in Grand Cayman, and I couldn't have been more excited! The weather was warm, but the biggest thing for me was the HUMIDITY - which as a Florida girl, was something that I thought I was accustomed to by now. It was on an entirely different level there... a.k.a. I left the curler at home and just rocked the natural waves.

Where to Stay:

Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa - this is where we stayed for the duration of our trip, and the resort was amazing!! We had a gorgeous ocean view off of our balcony (see above) and a king bed that felt like a giant cloud. The resort fee includes amenities that everyone will enjoy - including free snorkel gear rentals, kayaks, paddle boards, water bicycles, exercise classes and more. We rented a mask and snorkel every day of the trip, because there is a small reef area right off the back of the hotel where you can swim around. Also, the resort has full-size shower toiletries. This may sound absurd, but I honestly found this to be impressive. Isn't it a pain when you're having to get more mini shampoo bottles because you ran out? The hotel offered a "social hour" equipped with complimentary wine and snacks. There were outdoor couches and pods all around the hotel where you could sit back and watch the sunset. If you have time to visit the spa, book an appointment! The spa atmosphere is incredible, including the waterfall pool lounge area they have for everyone before or after treatments. I have never been to a hotel with such willing and friendly staff - seriously, they can help you with anything you want to do during your stay! 

While we didn't hotel hop on the island, the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman and the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort are two other great hotel options.

Things To Do:

Stingray City - Without a doubt, this was the coolest part of our trip! We head out on a Stingray City catamaran (these can be booked ahead of time, or through the hotels) for a day out on the water. We started by sailing out to Stingray City and snorkeling with the rays. At first, I was so intimidated by the size of the female rays and I was afraid to touch them! But, L finally talked me into it, and then we couldn't stop "hugging" them! The best way to describe their feel is that the top of their skin is more rough, while the bottom feels like a wet portobello mushroom. After that, they took us to an incredible reef area to snorkel around before just sailing on the water for an hour. 

Crystal Caves - We didn't get the chance to visit the caves during our trip, but the photos look so incredible! This was an excursion we were going to plan through our hotel concierge, but we simply ran out of time. If you end up going, please share your pictures/experience with me!

Cayman Spirits Company - What's a trip without a little rum? I was pretty intimidated by the amount of alcohol that was in this place, but they let us sample ALL of them. And when I say sample, I mean shots of any and all flavors as many times as we wanted.... Bottoms up! We went home with a bottle of their rum cream liquor and I can't wait to incorporate it into some recipes this fall and winter!

Cayman Turtle Centre - Another cool spot that we didn't get the chance to spend time at. But, we passed by on the way to dinner one night and it looked so neat! Plus, who doesn't love turtles?

Where to Eat:

Macabuca/Cracked Conch - If you're looking for a genuine Cayman spot, look no further than Macabuca. It's directly connected to the Cracked Conch, so you can visit either one during your trip! If you go, you MUST get the calamari! I have never wanted to just eat plates of calamari, but I came really close to doing so when we stopped here for dinner. 

Avecita - This is where we ate dinner on our first night on the island (they have a killer breakfast menu too - I heard the chicken and waffles were superb!). You must try the tiramisu. IT IS INCREDIBLE.

Coccoloba - For our last night on the island, we enjoyed a family style meal at this beach restaurant. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous as we took our seats (see above for the last little glimpse). Highly recommend the spicy crab dip, smoked chicken tacos, braised beef, adobo chicken and the churros!

Seafire Room Service - We honestly purchased the rest of our meals at the hotel via room service or by the pool, and it was so good! The jerk chicken tenders were so tasty, and I wanted to order the berry parfait and homemade oatmeal every morning!

Overall, my first visit to the island was incredible! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a tropical getaway. Flying out of Florida, the flight time was short and easy.

I can't wait to head that way again! Check out the links below for booking options and links to some of the clothing items that came with me on the trip.



x, B

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