Monday, August 28, 2017

3 Things Every Woman Should Consider When Dress Shopping

When it comes to shopping for dresses, there are so many shapes and styles out on the market. From shift dresses to wrap waists, how does one know which is the best for them? After much investigation (aka trial and error), I've narrowed my list down to three main things that every girl should pay attention to when shopping for dresses. This gorgeous one that I wore on our most recent trip to Grand Cayman is by Alice and Trixie, and I can not recommend it enough! Check out my full review below!

Now, buying dresses isn't rocket science, but there is an art to finding the best ones for you. Nowadays, I can tell if a dress is going to look flattering on me or not just by looking at it on the hanger. How can I do that? Because I follow my 3 main rules below:


This may sound crazy, but I can say no to a dress in two seconds depending on what the straps are like. I am tall (about 5'9") and straps can be somewhat of an issue sometimes. There is always the option to get something altered if you're in love with it, but here's a couple things you should consider to know when to say "no". Are the straps adjustable? This is a HUGE win in my book - gives you the option to move the neckline up for more modest occasions, or drop it a bit for date night. Do they fall off the shoulder? Chances are, you will end up hating any dress you buy that has this problem because it's going to feel like a job having to cater to them all night long - be sure to test this when you sit as well (some fabrics don't show this error until you put a little stress on the waist!). Are they off-the-shoulder? If so, try placing your hands on your hip or lifting them up and see what happens. If you can't move your arms, or the dress shows your treasures to the world - LEAVE it. Off-the-shoulder dresses can be the toughest in this area, but believe me, you will be so thankful you opted for the ones with more mobility than those that feel like a straight jacket.


This should go without saying, but "does this dress make me look fat?" should never be something going through your mind. With the popular boho and shift dress styles on the market, loose fabric is common. But, this is the time where you may need to be cognizant of sizing down so that the fabric hanging at your waist doesn't look like a garbage bag. There are some silhouettes that can pull this style off very well - I am not one of them. Wrap dresses or those with a defined waist have always been my go-to and are typically the ones that I always receive compliments on (who doesn't love having a little spring in their step, eh?). Be real with yourselves when you're standing in front of the dressing room mirror. If you can't tell where your waist begins or ends, it's time to hang that back on the rack.


Probably one of the most important areas for myself. As I mentioned before, I am relatively tall for most women (almost 5'9"), so unless I'm hitting a club in Vegas, I have a minimum dress length. For me, that minimum is 34" - and sometimes, that's even cutting it close. Call me crazy, but there is nothing worse than worrying about flashing someone if a sudden gust of wind decides to pass when you're walking in a public place. I learned this the hard way when I wore a shorter, airy dress to a golf tournament on a warm summer day... BAD move. My general rule of thumb is to get something that at least covers 3/4 of your thigh. Though it may sound strange to some (size 2 girls and smaller, this probably makes no difference for you), I encourage you to take a picture of yourself in different dresses for comparison. More often than not, you will probably lean toward the option that is slightly longer. Why is that? It's all about body proportion. Of course, people, I am talking about everyday wear here. If it's girl's night and you want to rock that short bodycon dress, DO IT. 

Having said all of this, I have to introduce you to Alice and Trixie. This dress I'm wearing above gets an A in all three of the above areas. It has adjustable straps, a definitive waist (without being too tight to the body) and is the perfect length. I could not get over how incredible the top design was once I received this in person. The color and embroidery is AMAZING. I had people gushing over it everywhere around our resort and while at dinner.

There's no perfect method when it comes to shopping for dresses. But, keeping these three main areas in mind can certainly set you on the path for success next time you're heading into the fitting room! 

x, B


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