Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Best Gifts For Him This Holiday

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Happy Holidays, everyone! I couldn't pick a better time to follow through on the opportunity to be introduced to this incredible, growing experience Briana has curated. Her and I have had the fortune of experiencing the calendar year together, and we certainly look forward to this holiday season. We've quickly tumbled into this first week of December, which entails an important task: planning out gifts. This is a great opportunity to curb that old-standing stereotype that gentleman may not be as easy to shop for. Personally speaking, I've been told I'm pretty difficult to shop for. However, I think just a little research can facilitate a home run gift. Included above are just a few items that can do just the trick.

A good pair of noise-canceling, high quality headphones are useful in so many situations; at work (if allowed), traveling, and while exercising are just a few. On the note of sound, a Bose Soundlink, Jawbone Jambox, or other speaker system is another powerhouse item that has the propensity to be used every day in the life. The same can be said for a classic watch or piece of wearable tech. When smart watches first came out, there was definitely a bit of a stigma surrounding them. But I can't say I can remember a smart watch owner not enjoying the product and putting it to full, everyday use. Gentlemen can always use a new timepiece, a quality pair of wingtips, a comfortable tie based on that person's favorite color (in my case, blue is always what the doctor ordered), or a sweater (since we won't ever buy those for ourselves until they are crucially warranted).

Some other wearables to consider are a nice pair of new shades. Ray-Bans are a staple, which, if absent in a gentleman's arsenal, would definitely serve as that home run. Costas and Maui Jim's, or even a nice pair of Oakley's will be well-received come December 25th. A bit of a riskier item they may be, but a classy pair of cufflinks with subtle customization can be a greatly appreciated item. You might see them sooner than you think, possibly to ring in 2017 under the fireworks. And finally, a big-time fragrance such as The Scent by Hugo Boss could be the item that chalks this Christmas up as a 'W'. If cologne is going to serve as a surprise gift, do some homework with another gentleman and get some samples in the works. Make sure to smell some coffee beans between scents and make sure you are all clear to pick out the winner.

It's a joy to peruse through gift guides and see the togetherness that Christmas breeds, but let's be cognizant of doing everything with strong thanksgiving and give generously. Along with this gift guide, let's remember an action order for these holidays regarding giving: those in need, our loved ones, and then ourselves. It certainly isn't a bad thing to get a little something for yourself to head into 2017 fresh and ready to hit the ground running. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

- Lantz


  1. These are all great choices and I love that you had your boyfriend tackle this one to get real insight. Well done!

    Dasha |

  2. My husband has those boots and LOVES them! All such great picks for the men in our lives!



  3. These are such great picks and very helpful for shopping for the special fellows in your life! Great post!


  4. I love that your boyfriend helped write it, a real mans christmas list!

    Taylor |

  5. perfect picks! i need to get nick to write some of my posts ;)
    Southern Elle Style

  6. Love the picks! guys are so hard to shop for sometimes, so it is nice to see a males perspective on what to gift!

    Maggie //

  7. Oh my gosh I love this! If I asked my husband to write a gift guide, it would include turbos and Corvettes. But this is a great, REALISTIC guide. Thanks for sharing!
    Steph || @trendyinindy


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