Thursday, September 8, 2016

5 Ways To Be More Productive + JORD Watch Giveaway

This goes out to all of you that glance over to the clock every evening to find that it's at least three hours past your bedtime, and you're STILL working.

Are you a perfectionist like me? Possibly. Did you procrastinate during that day? Probably. Can it wait until tomorrow? Sure, but that's another thing to add the next day.

Oh, how I wish that we could pause time - just for like three hours a day to get some work knocked out and then have time to enjoy life, too. I mean, is that too hard to ask?!?!

Apparently so, as the days keep flying by and lists can keep piling up. So how do we fight this? I am by no means an expert, but these five tips have helped me manage my time so much better. You don't need to follow all five tips at the same time - even the smallest change can make a difference.

1. Make a priority list, not a to-do list
I am so guilty of making a million lists every day, but it's important take a second to prioritize. WHY? Because we all know that we would rather check off the easy, small things on our lists before taking on anything challenging. The best way to handle this? Set your deadlines and include them on your list. One new app that I am OBSESSED with is Wunderlist. Say goodbye to shuffling through sticky notes, Wunderlist lets you organize your lists by type - even categorized into folders - and allows you to set item due dates, reminders, and subtasks. You also have the ability to share your lists with others that use the app. *Shout out to my love, Lantz, for being a list freak like me - our weekend agendas are within the app... always*

2. Time Blocking
Now, this trinket is very new to me, but I am all about it. How many of you start a project that should really only take 20 minutes to complete, but you end up spending two hours for no reason? Cue the time block. This little gadget helps you delegate a certain amount of time to a specific task. Though it looks like a child's toy (definitely could be, I am a 4-year-old at heart after all), the concept is genius. Especially for those of us that work better under pressure, or already set alarm reminders in another form. Couldn't support this little cube of awesomeness any more!

3. Automate
Before you freak out - I'm not saying you have to automate everything. But those recurring payments, social posts and more? Auto post that shiz. Most banks nowadays offer an easy service to be able to auto pay your online payments while keeping your information safe.... kind of a win-win. Think about the amount of time you would save logging on/off to make payments every month (especially if you have quite a few accounts). Even if it's 20-30 minutes, that's an amount of time you could cross at least one other thing off of your list.

4. Spend the morning knocking out some tasks
Nothing feels better than crossing a few things off of my list before my day even officially starts.I am all about starting off the morning slow and relaxing. Not that I put a damper on this mood at all, but I always make sure to do one or two little things before leaving. Whether that's mailing out a package, doing some blog editing or emptying the dishwasher - every little bit counts. When I come home and have a little time to relax is honestly the best feeling in the world (though it still doesn't happen as often as I would like).

5. Turn. Off. The. Phone.
Or at least turn off your social notifications. When I am in major productive mode or in the middle of a project that I'm determined to finish, I always have to put my phone on silent and set it aside. Not for hours at a time, but when it's needed to get a job done. I am so guilty of checking every one of my social accounts multiple times rather than doing some form of work - it especially isn't easy when part of your job IS social media. Best job that's also the worst sometimes...

Time is valuable and it scares me how fast it just seems to slip by. Speaking of time, I've recently fallen in love with this wooden watch from JORD Watches. The concept of a wood watch is just so neat! Plus, this turquoise face is just stunning and can be worn year-round. AND I'm giving away a voucher for one of JORD's unique beauties!! Plus, anyone who enters (and doesn't win) will automatically receive $20 off a watch!! A reward for just entering - yes please!

Do you have any tips for being more productive? Share them below - I'd love to hear! 



  1. i LOVE the teal facing. SO darling. I agree with priority lists. I ususally make a to-do list and highlight the most important things first.
    Southern Elle Style

  2. I do need to learn to turn my phone off from time to time, without a doubt, but it's so hard! xx Adaleta Avdic

  3. I love the idea of a priority list. And turning off the phone is a must. I get so distracted!

    Fizz and Frosting

  4. I recently discovering the art of time blocking. It makes life so much easier to do like tasks in groups. Plus, I'm not jumping back and forth.

  5. I love Jord watches!! I just partnered with them, too - they're so unique!!! I am obsessed with the one you chose. Also- great list on staying production.. I work from home so I'm constantly struggling with not looking @ my social media, haha. Great list, Bri!!!

  6. Such a great post, Awesome tips too! I love that watch its so pretty!

  7. This is such a great post! I completely agree with making a priority list instead of a to-do list - I do it every morning! xo

  8. Everyone seriously seems to be raving about these watches right about now. I am too obsessed with my existing collection, but to be honest, I may need one of these to be hip and cool ;) xx Adaleta Avdic


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