Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Getting Started: Blogger Tips + Tricks

So, you want to start blogging?

I couldn't support your decision more. Blogging has been a love of mine since I created my first blog in 2011. Though a lot of people will joke about it when I first mention it. They'll almost always respond with, "So, you're one of those that writes about their feelings online for everyone to read..."


Well, maybe sometimes. I prefer to look at it as 'occasional sarcasm' and 'writing with personality.'

But, after explaining exactly what my blog is and how the business works, most begin to understand why I enjoy it so much.

In my case, I created my first blog when I started college - to document my experiences and because I wanted to add the blogging skill to my resume. Never did I think that it would turn into what it is today. Now, I have my own fashion and lifestyle blog, but I also manage a blog for the boutique that I work for. So, in a nutshell, my passion for blogging is turning into a career; I couldn't be happier!

So I know you're wondering, how do you get things started?

1. Decide what topic is it that you want to write about, or if you want to have a specific topic at all. I have blogger friends that use their blogs as an outlet to talk about all topics that come to their minds. Then, I have friends who have specific fashion, food, dating and photography blogs. Personally, I find it easier to decide on a topic that you can write about the most and if you decide to add something later on, there's no harm done there. Exhibit A - I started this blog as a fashion blog, but it's grown to include posts about food/recipes (I could probably create another blog entirely for this subject, I LOVE cooking), lifestyle, travel and DIY projects. So, as you can see, there's always room to expand later on.

2. Create a posting schedule that works best for you. Some bloggers have very flexible schedules that allow them to post every day, and others (like myself) do not. I always find that the best posts are the ones that are carefully crafted and contain great photographs. So, if you can only post once or twice a week, that's just fine. You will create a better following and the appearance of your blog will look much better with quality posts.

3. DESIGN/BRANDING. I am a design and branding junkie. Every aspect of my blog and branding I have created myself - I've been doing graphic design since my high school years. But, not all of us are knowledgable of design software. It's okay, too!! There are so many resources available now to make things easier for everyone without having to pay top dollar. Should you wish to work with a private graphic designer, that's a great option. There are a ton of which that you can find by simply doing a google search or checking the credits line on some of your favorite blogs. But, if you're looking for a cheaper alternative, you can purchase instantly downloadable templates and add-ons off of sites like Etsy that include step-by-step installation instructions. It's fabulous! Once you decide what you want your blog's design/appearance to be, make sure to follow through with the design of business cards, folders, etc. You'll look twice as organized and professional when all of your products and blog look consistent. P.s. Make sure to link ALL your social media accounts on anything you ever do! On that note, make sure they look appropriate as a blogger's account and that they are consistent with handles/names.

4. Collaborations and groups - get involved! There are a ton of blogger groups and forums that you can become a part of. When you find one that's suited for you and your blog, participate in some giveaway loops or group collaborations to get your blog name and profiles out there! Hear of a blogger meet-and-greet or convention in your area? I highly suggest you attend to get your name out there and meet others in the industry!!

5. Sharing. Make sure - for whichever platform you decide is best for your blog - that you turn on the publicizing/sharing option and link your accounts. This will at least double your outreach and really help you grow your blog faster with a simple push of a button!

There's so many other things happening in the blogging world and that many have questions about. So, if you ever are curious, feel free to shoot me an email (details on my contact page) or comment below and I'll respond!

Happy Hump Day!


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