Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Essentials

Well my friends, the day of love is upon us...

We all know what that means - hair must be frizz-free, makeup should look flawless and our outfits on point. While I can't say that I'll be embracing the day with a male companion (someday my prince will come!), I'd like to note I have a rather fun Galentine's date planned. 

Yes, going to see 50 Shades of Grey is included in our schedule. But, a yummy dinner and a couple rounds of wine shall happen first. 

Though most may have it all together before the day of heart-shaped chocolate and fresh roses, some are still slacking in the preparation department. That's alright, we're humans.

SO, I've selected the few items which I consider to be essentials for tomorrow's festivities (regardless of what your plans may be) or as great gifts for the last minute planners.

The Lace Bralette 

I'll be honest, nine times out of ten when looking to impress I reach for my prettiest push-up. But, this is Valentine's Day, ladies. Let's put the padding aside and be a little sultry shall we? Before you have a mini panic attack, listen to the benefits. First and foremost: These things are so comfortable you will forget that you're wearing anything at all. Especially for those that are bundled underneath layer of sweaters and coats, your under layer will be in heaven. Numero dos: Perhaps this is just my own opinion, but wearing lingerie like this just makes you feel ten times sexier and more confident than if you were wearing your favorite t-shirt bra. And for the final kicker: Name one guy that doesn't secretly (or not so secretly) love it when you come out in a little lace number? CATCH YA LATER, underwire. HELLO, bralette. 

The Sexy Scent

Perhaps you've spent the day running errands or at the office, and you're just in the mood for a little refresher. Victoria's Secret's 'Tease' body mist and lasting touch cream (how sensual does that sound, eh?) are my absolute favorites! The scent is clean and seductive at the same time. Spray a little bit of this before your hot date and they won't be able to stay away from you. 

The Pop of Color - Lips and Blush

We already know that our makeup has to look #flawless on Vday... Don't you dare walk into that restaurant, theater or concert without swiping on a bit of blush and a kissable lip color. And by kissable, I'm referring to that drop-dead shade that will make him stare at your pout the entire evening (which will in turn result in him counting down the seconds until he can plant a smooch on ya). My favorites? Nars blush in a shade called 'Torrid' (great for olive complexions!), Nars Audacious lipstick in 'Juliette' and MAC lipstick in 'Candy Yum Yum.'

The Simplistic Trinkets

Nothing is more annoying than dealing with clanky bracelets and gaudy jewelry pieces at the dinner table. Take it from a jewelry addict - This Vday, shoot for a stellar clothing ensemble to be paired with dainty accessories. However, if statement jewelry is in the cards for you, stick to one statement piece like a pair of earrings or eye-catching ring. The key here is comfort and style at the same time! I'm a lover of thin gold rings and layered necklaces. But, I love my statement earrings, too. ;) 

Got any other items that you consider Vday essentials or great gifts? I'd love to hear! 

BRB - going to buy more chocolate.
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, readers!! 




  1. I used to live & breathe that VS scent! I always got so many compliments on it, but then I think my nose just started being funky & everytime I could smell it I would sneeze uncontrollably so I decided to stray away from it. Sad! I love your picks & your pictures are on point :) xx, Ada

    1. Oh such a bummer! I'm absolutely in love with it. Thanks so much for reading!! xoxo

  2. I am in love with that lace bralette! I need to get myself one!

    1. Forever21 has some of my favorite lace bralettes for such a good price!! :)

  3. That lace bralette is smokin...

  4. Love the "simple trinkets".... great!

  5. I am obsessed with lace bralettes! They are just so beautiful and damn sexy!


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