Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Getting a little deep for a Tuesday morning, but bear with me.

With a new year comes new responsibilities, goals and all that other jazz.

Don't get me wrong, I always have a list of goals to accomplish when a new year begins; it's what keeps me going. But, I feel like many fall victim to reaching for unattainable goals, and they are disappointed after a few months go by and their progress isn't as they hoped. Why is this? I'm an optimist, but I'm also a realist. When I hear other's New Year's Resolutions around me, it typically goes a little something like this: exercise more, start eating healthier, cut out alcohol (or some other vice), veer away from technology a bit, travel, stand out at work, and the list goes on.

There's nothing wrong with these goals, but it's important to make sure that what you're setting your sights on is in fact achievable. Why strive for something and give up along the way?

With all that being said, I took a different approach to my goals for 2016. I made two lists - one with long-term goals, and one with small changes/opportunities to take advantage of (that would ultimately aid towards a long-term goal). And, this is what I formulated:


  • Double my current audience and blog-driven revenue
  • Curate a culinary project/business (including a detailed plan to monetize down the road)
  • Create an e-product to sell/offer on my site - thoughts on a free e-cookbook or organizational tool?
  • Finances: In October 2015, I made it a goal to have a minimum of $5000 set aside by summer 2016 to use for travels, and I'm currently more than halfway there. Five months and counting....

  • Exercise: Pretty basic - but I'm emphasizing more on how I workout rather than the frequency. I already work out 6/7 days a week, simply because that's what I'm used to. However, this year, I'm wanting to incorporate some different workouts into my routine - going back to barre classes, more advanced yoga/pilates techniques, kick boxing and swimming. I'm an avid runner and it starts to become a bit boring at times. So, I've been running faster (rather than farther) certain days, and I'm incorporating more bike circuits and HIIT workouts.
  • Food: I am a health nut. So this year, I want to try out a new food/type of food at least once a month. If I can manage to do it more often, then I will. Who doesn't love food?
  • Health: This is as basic as continuing to take my daily vitamins. But, I'm excited to say that I've now teamed up with Teami to offer great discounts on their fabulous teas and detox programs! This week will mark the halfway point of my first teatox with Teami, and I can't wait to share my progress with all of you! In the meantime, be sure to take advantage and receive 10% off your order with code: N2N10. Their teas are all-natural and taste great! It's been a fabulous way to kick off a healthy and fit new year.
  • Activities: My goal for this year is to attend/try a new activity at least once a month. Not only will it help me get more familiar with the area that I'm in, but you never know what you might end up falling in love with. 
  • Work: This one is a little more on the personal side. I have a few goals for my career that I want to achieve this year, ranging from what I'm actually doing to where I stand within the hierarchy of authority. I am still very young, but I have big goals in this sector. I won't get into the nitty-gritty (as some of these ideas I would not like to be known by others), but let's just say I've got a plan on the horizon and I'm going for it. 
  • Blogging: What I would give to be able to blog/write full-time... While that's an ultimate goal, I'd like to work towards my long-term goals mentioned above through some smaller initiatives. For starters, I'd like to increase my partnership projects - not in quantity, rather in quality. Two major brand initiatives by September is what I'm aiming for. This year I'll also be exploring new design elements/programs, attending more conferences (and possibly fashion week in Fall 2016), creating more exclusive content and doubling my current income from blogging. This area of my life never seems to stop growing, as it's one of the projects and hobbies that I'm the most passionate about. 
Overall, my goal this year is just to be the best version of myself, live to the fullest and love with all my heart. Because when that happens, everything else just seems to fall into place. 

What are you working towards this year? Any specific projects in the works?


    Southern Elle Style

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  3. I love that you set up short and long term goals! I'm looking forward to following along on this journey towards accomplishing your goals!
    Charlene xo
    The Frugal Fashionista

  4. These are such good goals! You are inspiring me to set more aggressive goals for my blog :) Thanks!
    Xo, Brianne

  5. Informative post for me. I also make a list of my goals but after a month they all disappear. Thanks for this useful post. My goal for this year to change my daily health routines and I want to change my fashion statement and look different.



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