Friday, December 18, 2015

All For Color PJ Party + Gifts For Your Furry Friend

Happy Friday! 

This has been a long week, but I'm so happy the weekend is finally here! Can you all believe that Christmas is ONE WEEK AWAY?! *cue mini dance party*

I'm so excited to be back home, cooking my favorite holiday recipes and snuggling with my pup as much as possible.

Without a doubt, I'll be living in these All For Color thermal pajamas! They're so cozy and I'm in love with this print - it's called 'Snow Bunny.' Since we live in Florida, it's sort of a ritual for us to turn down the AC in our home if its warm on Christmas so that we can all bundle up and sip some hot cocoa. Fingers crossed that the cold front coming through this weekend lasts for a month or so...

When it comes to Christmas time, I'm always stumped on what to get my family (especially since we're terrible at keeping gifts a surprise)! But, I always know one family member that will never guess/find his gifts - my pup, Gator.

Searching for some last minute gift ideas for your furry friend? I've rounded up a few of my favorites here for you (just click on the image to be taken directly where you can buy the item!):

Let the week-before-Christmas-countdown begin!


Are you buying gift for any of your furry friends this Christmas?


  1. Those PJ pants are adorable! I LIVE in pj's most of the time when I'm lounging around, especially in the winter! Need those to add to my collection of cozy!
    Karen |

  2. Your pup is precious (very snuggly) and the pjs are cute too!

    Brooke | <a href="" rel="nofollow”>KBStyled</a>

  3. You dog is so cute and those PJ's look so comfy! My dogs like chewing on socks, so I thought about getting them a package of socks for Christmas, haha.

    Amanda ||

  4. How adorable is this little gift guide, you can't forget the fluff! xx,


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  6. these are SO cute! love that they are holiday ish, without being over the top. have a wonderful christmas week!
    Southern Elle Style

  7. Your dog is so cute! We don't have a dog, but my siblings all do and they each get a stocking haah!

  8. I would like some of that hot chocolate, please! I love your PJs, and this is an adorable gift guide for pups! I need to get my parent's little dog something, and you have given me so many great choices!! :)

    Cameron Proffitt

  9. You can't get onto your sweet puppy for stealing your shoes, especially after you buy him one of these pillow shoes as a supposed replacement.

    These are great gifts for both my boxer and chihuahua.

  10. Such cute pjs! I was just realizing the other night when I was putting away my laundry that the drawer I keep my pjs in is literally over flowing, the past year I've bought so many sets.

    I love the dog slipper toy!

    Taylor |



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