Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Closet Purge

Ahh, the time as come when it's time to clear out that closet and organize those hangers before you go BEZERK.

Don't be afraid, gals. Sorting through your pieces and cleaning things up can actually be a fun process when done correctly!

I will absolutely admit that I treat my clothes as if they are my children. So, it can be hard to rid of some things that are just collecting dust because you think there's a chance you might wear it one day. Yeah.

If you're like me, you've got a couple items that are cute, but you haven't worn for over a year. Though this should be a sign, we always have that little voice in the back of our minds saying, "Well what if this occasion came up?" or "What if this themed party happened?" Chances are it never will. And even bigger chances that if it did happen, you'd end up buying something newer anyway just because. So my friends, THE TIME HAS COME.

How to make cleaning out your closet a better experience:

Step 1: Make a space for you to make piles of clothes (I always lay them out on top of my bed).
Step 2: Turn on some music - your fav Pandora station or iTunes radio on your Apple TV (have this in my apartment now and I'm obsessed). You'd be surprised how much it will change your mood to have some great jams to listen to while working!
Step 3: Have boxes/bins/bags ready to throw things in if you decide to get rid of them, etc. Make sure to mark them so you don't get confused! Organization is key to making this work.

Step 4: Have hooks, racks and extra hangers handy. Sometimes hangers can break, or you may want to replace old/deformed ones that are currently in your closet. Keep in mind, your hangers affect how your clothes look, too!

And now, let's talk strategy.

What rules and guidelines should you keep in mind for your closet clean-out? I've broken it down for you:

  • The "Love" collection: First things first - go through your closet and pull out the pieces that you wear all the time or can't live without. I'm talking your favorite jeans, blouses, dress and more. But, remember these are the things that you LOVE. Like no having to even think about it. Like I wear this pair of jeans almost every day cause they make my butt look freaking fabulous. Or, this shirt is my absolute favorite and so are the other 17 colors I bought it in (if this applies... I'm a sucker for Express' Portofino shirts - they're so comfy and work for everything!). 
    • Now, try all of these things on and make sure they fit CORRECTLY. If they don't but they're from you "Love" collection, put them into a separate pile. So, after this step is complete, you will have two piles. Moving on....
  • The "Like" collection: Now, go through your closet and pull out all of the items that you've worn the past year that you like. The best way to think about this step is to pick out the clothes that you would miss if they were ruined or lost. Or, items that you adore and maybe just don't reach for as often for whatever reason. Either way, these should be clothes that you like and have worn over the last year - maybe year and a half depending on where you live and climate (here in Florida we suffer summer year-round, so the pickings aren't so diverse. 
    • Now, repeat the previous process and try these items on. After you're done, create your two piles for your "like" collection.
  • The "Eh" collection (as I like to call it): Now look at the remainder of your closet. If you have any items that you haven't worn in the past 2 YEARS, put them into a separate bag immediately. Unless these items have significant value,or are specific to certain events (formal items, work pieces, etc.), GET RID OF THEM. You've had two years to pull them out of your closet and you haven't. Which means, you don't really need them - or maybe don't even like them any more - and they're just taking up space. 
    • Next, take the remaining clothes in your closet and try them all on. When putting these one, you should be thinking of these things:
      • Does this flatter my body?
      • Is this something I actually like and just have forgotten about?
      • Do I have something to wear this with? - if applicable
      • Do I already have something that looks exactly like this?
      • Is this a good material/is it still in good shape?
    • Now, whatever doesn't pass this thinking test - throw it into the same bag as the old clothes to get rid of. Whatever does pass this thinking test - put it into a pile. 
SO NOW, you got a lot of piles and here's what you do. Take your "love" pile that fits correctly and "like" pile that fits correctly, and put them together or back into your closet for keeping. Then, take your "love" and "like" piles that don't fit correctly and decide if they can be tailored or adjusted to fit better. If it's a matter of you needing to lose weight, be realistic. If they're so tight they're suffocating you, get rid of them. If they're just a hair tight, I would keep them for the days that your weight may fluctuate, or where a touch of a body enhancer could do the trick. Whichever you decide to keep, put those away and set the others into the giveaway/get-rid-of-me bag. AND FINALLY, take whatever "eh" pile clothes passed your test and give them one last thought to make sure you're not holding onto something you don't really need. After you've completed these steps, you should have all the clothes you intend to keep and those you're ready to get rid of. ***Helpful hint: when putting things back away, organize them nicely - color coordination, separation of styles and types, etc.


The next step to take:

  • Take inventory of your newly cleaned out closet and see what you need. New jeans? A new white blouse? New pumps? Whatever it may be, make a list for the next time you're shopping. Store it on your phone, in your wallet or wherever you will have it accessible if the time comes up. 
Also, congratulate yourself for this feat with a glass of wine. YGG. 

As a reminder, here are some wardrobe staples to always have (or buy if you don't!):
  1. A great pair of jeans - I actually suggest two pairs (one lighter and one darker)
  2. Basic white and black blouses or tees
  3. Nude/black/every other neutral pumps - I'm loving the ones above from Restricted Shoes!
  4. Black/brown sandals - like these, for example :) 
  5. A neutral-colored blazer
  6. Black skinny belt
  7. Go-to blouses (mine are the Express Portofino shirts
  8. Printed pants (along with a black pair) - these are great to throw on with a solid blouse and play up with statement accessories
  9. Black trouser pants
  10. Cardigan - whichever color works best with your options
  11. Pencil skirts - I LOVE THESE (J. Crew double-serge cotton ones are the best!)
  12. A little black dress
  13. A little eye-catching dress (go for a daring color, like red)
  14. A structured neutral bag
There are obviously so many other things that I could add to this list. But, for the modern-day girl like myself, these are some of the things that I wouldn't be able to live without. 

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you during your next closet purge! Any comments or suggestions, post them below! 

The week is half over, folks! The countdown until the weekend begins!



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  2. GREAT tips! Loving the "Love/Like/Eh" categories! I just did a closet cleanse and it was amazing what I pulled out. Stuff from years ago. Yikes! haha... xx, Karen // Glam Karen

  3. OMG I do the same thing - my clothes are my babies and its hard to part with them! Great advice! Sportsanista

  4. I realllllly need to do this to my closet soon! Great tips in here girlfriend!
    xx, Victoria

  5. Thanks for this!! I need to do my closet like yesterday!! I am pinning this so I can look back at it.
    Southern Elle Style

  6. I felt as though, I was behind this the whole time I was reading it haha I just moved and had to clean out my closet before hand. I have the EXACT same process! So funny. Music makes the whole situation a hundred times better, doesn't it! Sometimes it can make it longer by getting distracted and dancing but it's all worth it haha Loved this post!


    Brittany || Pretty & Sassy

  7. Such great tips!! I also have a little trick for donating items. If it's something I don't think I'm going to wear (but don't want to give up yet!), I'll turn the hanger around (hook the opposite way), so if I check in 1/2 a year or year and it's still like that - it means I haven't worn it and it's being donated!!

    Amanda |

  8. I am loving your tips!! I also believe that one day I maybe might want to wear that dress (that still has the tag on it). I am moving at the end of the month so I actually just cleaned out my entire closet and got rid of 3 bags of clothes. CRAZYNESS. I am soo glad I did. You feel so much better afterwards.

  9. Such a great guide for purging! I try and do my closet at least twice a year It's so hard to part with pieces especially if you think you'll wear them or if you have some sort of sentimental attachment to them.

  10. Wow, that closet is amazing! This is a good post. A lot of people, men included need to follow your advice! Since I'm an avid thrift shopper, its not as difficult to give things away if I haven't been wearing them. I like to give them to charity or friends.
    Have courage,
    Elle |

  11. These are great tips! I have been putting off a huge closet clean out for a while... I need to get on it!

  12. This collection of tips is amazing! I need to tackle my closet too but I can't bring myself to it. Eeek.
    The Block is Haute



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