Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Trend Report

Burlap sacks are the hottest new trend!!!!!!

April Fool's.

With my current job search and traveling on my mind, I'm making sure to purchase and pack pieces that are versatile and on trend for this spring season. 

What are those hottest trends, you ask?

Spring 2015 trends:
  1. Shirtdress - I can't get enough of these dresses! I'm all about the cross between style and comfort, and this trend is on point. Designers have reinvented this classic shape with drop waists, high slits and fabulous belts. Don't be afraid to add a couple of these to your wardrobe. Plus, when dressed up they work wonderfully for work!
  2. Yellow - My heart skips a beat every time I think about this... Mainly because yellow is my favorite color (blue comes in at a close second). From canary to marigold, there IS a shade of yellow that flatters everyone. The trick is to find the best match for your skin tone.
  3. Gingham - All you fellow plaid lovers, rejoice! This spring it's all about the check pattern. A plus? The print can be used for casually and sexy appearances when paired right. Shoutout to the killer gingham-patterned pencil skirt I purchased a couple weeks ago - it fits snug to my body and is the perfect middle ground for a sexy work piece. 
  4. Culottes - Spring 2014's major shorts trend is sticking around this year. Pair these babies with blazers, structured crops, tailored button-downs and your favorite high heels.
  5. Blue and White - While the classic black-and-white combo will always be around, try this pairing on for size to make a statement with a little more color. *Sidenote, I love throwing in a vibrant accessory with this color duo, just like I do with black and white pairings!
  6. Head-to-toe white - Yes, just yes. Think like Gossip Girl's all-white party in the Hamptons episode. Yeah, I'm fan-girling over that season and Blake Lively's dress from that scene, too. New styling tricks include mixing textures when layering, and playing up different shades together. 
  7. One-shoulder styles - BANG. Our shoulders are the new sexiest spot of our bodies to show off (time to start hitting the gym and pilates classes). The off-shoulder looks are perfect for date night everywhere and pair so easily, but I'm a lover of the off-shoulder dress styles!
  8. Spacious denim - The skinny jeans are going on hold for a season. Make room for cropped, baggy cuts. These pair best with slim tops (so you don't end up looking like a sack) for contrast.
While some of these trends have already gained a space in my closet, guess this means I'll have to just go shop for the best of the rest of them! 

Any favorites for this spring season, or looking forward to trying out any of these trends? Leave a comment below to share!

I will be leaving tomorrow evening for... *DRUMROLL* LAS VEGAS!!! Make sure to follow along on my instagram account (@brianaanderson) for all my style and sight-seeing adventures. And, be sure to check back here on the site to view my travel diary and trip highlights.

Back to Sin City, I go!


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  1. Looove your dress in the photo above! The colors are so perfect for spring time :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane



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