Sunday, March 8, 2015

Açaí Power Bowl

When the mid-morning or afternoon time hits and you're searching for a snack to fuel you up, an açaí bowl is the answer. 

They are my absolute FAVORITE. I'm a sucker for fruit in general, but this wonder bowl topped with coconut shavings, fresh granola and chia seeds just kills the competition. 

Yummy doesn't even begin to describe this masterpiece. 

When making your own açaí bowl at home, you have the liberty to add whatever ingredients you wish. But for my power bowl, you can follow the recipe below.

  • Frozen Sambazon Açaí smoothie packs (these can typically be found near the frozen fruit/smoothie section of the grocery store)
  • 1/8 cup coconut milk
  • 1 banana
  • Toppings
    • Granola
    • Coconut flakes
    • Chia seeds
    • Sliced strawberries
    • Blackberries
    • Raspberries
    • Goji Berries
    • Sliced banana (you'll have enough from one banana above)
  1. In a blender mix two smoothie packs (directions are on the packet for how to thaw them out), the coconut milk and half a banana. The mixture shouldn't be super watery - it should be slightly thicker - if needed, you can add a bit more banana for consistency.
  2. Pour the açaí mixture into a bowl and add whichever toppings you wish! 

This super easy recipe is for a single bowl, but this can be multiplied to be used for larger quantities, too. Talk about a fab treat to make for your next gathering with friends! They'll be super impressed by your kitchen skills. ;)

Have any other ideas suggestions for bowl toppings? I'm always looking for new additions that will make this snack even better! 

Make sure to let me know how your bowl turns out in the comments below, and any ideas you may have for recipes you think I should try out or feature next!! 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, readers!




  1. yum! this looks like the perfect start to a monday morning. and relatively easy! thanks for the share!

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

    1. Super easy and definitely scrumptious to start the morning!! Thanks so much for reading! xoxo

  2. Please move to Alabama and be my personal chef! Holy yummy!!!!

    1. Haha maybe I'll make a trip to 'Bama soon and cook away there! :) Thanks so much for the love!!



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