Saturday, November 1, 2014

Travel Diary: St. Augustine Pt. 2

As if our first day around St. Augustine wasn’t enough, Dana and I decided to turn things up a notch that Sunday. And by turn things up I mean an entire afternoon dedicated to food, bath soaps and bohemian jewelry. To start things off, we headed to the downtown area for a little bit of shopping. We made our way around, peeking into eclectic shops as we passed by. Shoutout to my main gal for introducing me to Earthbound! We both managed to pick up some beautiful boho trinkets (including the druzy pendant necklace pictured on me above!). As it neared the lunch hour we made our way to Mojo BBQ, which is where D works! When I say that we ate enough to kill an army… The two of us shared a measly meal of pit-smoked chicken wings, burnt brisket ends, onion rings (that were about the size of our faces), sweet potato mash topped with pecans, and some ridiculously yummy mac ‘n’ cheese.

I’d never been so happy to stuff my face than I was at that moment. My personal rating of Mojo = five stars (and I really mean that). Definitely add this joint to your “To Eat” least when in the area. Once finished (and taking the leftovers to-go, of course) we stopped into an organic bath and body shop, where we each picked up five scrumptious smelling soap bars. Since we both love to smell “edible,” we stuck to our favorite citrus and vanilla scents. To close out our afternoon, we stopped by The Hyppo for some delectable popsicles.

I decided on ordering a Sangria Plum pop while D picked out a Peach-flavored pop. Hyppo pops make me happy. After we finished, it came time to head to Dana’s place for me to pack up my belongings and hit the road back to Gainesville, Fla. It was a sad goodbye, but I know that I’ll be seeing her and St. Augustine again soon!! :) FYI: I’m currently writing this post by a fireplace in a cabin in North Carolina (my favorite place, EVER.). Wondering why/what I’m doing here? Stay tuned… So much to come here on N2N! Have a lovely weekend readers, and Go Gators!
xx, B

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  1. Thanks for some great tips for a trip to one of my favorite cities!



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