Sunday, August 3, 2014

Blooming Cupcakes

What better way to celebrate the summer time than with some scrumptious cupcakes?! The other day I was so excited to buy my first buttercream icing frosting tip set to start decorating my desserts. I decided to try them out this weekend by baking some treats for two birthday parties!

How to make these designs? Start by deciding what theme/decoration you want to create – you may need to buy some icing colors to make the color options that you need.
When mixing colors, start with just a hint of the dye mixed with the vanilla icing to achieve the color shade that you want (you can add gradually afterwards). Depending on how evenly your cupcakes come out of the oven, select the ones that will work best for each design (sunflowers work best on cupcakes with a flatter top).

The cupcakes with the highest top are the best for the swirl icing, which I chose to do in the light blue color garnished with edible pearl sprinkles.
The middle top cupcakes proved perfect for my grassy flower field design, saving my flat top cupcakes for the sunflowers.
For these cupcakes, I used a Wilton Round #12 to achieve the swirl look. Leave a little bit of cake edge to get this look – you don’t have to put the icing all the way to the rim of the cupcake top.

Start with the grass layer – I used a Wilton Multi-Opening #233 tip for the grassy look. The advantage to this tip is that you can layer the strands on top of each other to achieve the desired icing thickness. For the flower portion, I used a Wilton Drop Flower tip (you can pick which of these you prefer depending on the size of flower you want to have). For an extra touch, you can add a dollop of another icing color or some sprinkles to the center of the flower.
These were my favorite cupcakes to decorate of the three designs (though I may be a bit bias since they’re my favorite flowers). For this look, I first frosted the cupcakes with a thin layer of fudge icing (for that brown center color). Usually, I would use chocolate chips, shavings, sprinkles or chopped espresso beans, depending on what flavors you want to use. For the yellow petals, I used a Wilton Leaf Tip 352. Hold the tip so that the triangle opening is vertical (the two points of the tip are at the top and bottom, instead of left and right). Push out the frosting to the desired flower petal width and then pull away to create the petal’s length. Create one layer around the rim before creating a second layer in-between the first layer’s petals (you can make as many petal layers as you wish!).
Put them all together and you have such a cute platter to bring to any summer party, cookout or gathering!

I hope you all find these tips helpful for your own perfect cupcakes! Feel free to share your tips, tricks and experiences in the comments below!
Hope you’re all having a Sweet Sunday :) 
xx. B

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