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With so many products on the market and a variety of prices, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly which cosmetics to buy. So, I’m breaking down the contents of my makeup bag and letting you know which items to splurge on and which ones to save, and highlighting some products that you should have in your stash.
Let’s start things off with the first step: primer. I use Smashbox’s Photofinish Color Adjusting primer religiously, and it’s one of the best beauty products I’ve come across. The green tint helps blur imperfections and even out skin tone for a flawless finish with your makeup. It’s light and should be everyone’s primary step each day.
For the rest of my facial makeup, I use Smashbox BB Cream (seriously, the best!) and their Healthy FX Foundation. On days or evenings when I want a little more coverage, I layer the BB cream underneath my foundation. If I’m just looking for light coverage, the BB cream works perfectly. I finish things off with their Halo Hydrating Powder and Bronze Lights Bronzer. On days when I’m looking for a peachy glow, I sweep on a layer of NARS blush in Torrid (great for people with olive skin tones that don’t want that little-girl-pink -cheeks look).
Now for the eyes. I’ve always used a liquid liner – it’s much easier to control and can be cleaned off easily. I use Maybelline’s Line Stiletto for straight lines in one move. When it comes to mascara, I actually wear three different layers. While you may think that’s crazy, believe me when I say there’s a major difference without the clumps. First, I apply Smashbox Full Exposure mascara followed by Maybelline Falsies and Megaplush mascaras. The combo of the three helps to make my lashes dark, full and long. When I’m in the mood to brush on some eyeshadow, I’ll use the Urban Decay Naked eye palette (one of the best buys for those who wear brown-toned eyeshadow often).
When it comes to the lips, it’s all about the outfit and your mood. My favorites? Smashbox lip gloss in Afterglow, MAC satin lipstick in Rebel and MAC Red, and Mark lipgloss in Smashing. Try a nude lip liner pencil! They are lifesavers and you never have to worry about mismatched liner and lipstick.
So, when do you splurge and when do you save? For facial products – concealer, foundation and BB cream – I recommend splurging on the makeup that feels right on your skin (not too heavy, the right amount of coverage and the right shade). Same goes for lip products! Nothing is worse than your lips looking dry and cracked from cheap lipsticks that rub off onto everything. However, for eye products – liners, mascara and shadow – you can save a bit. Store-bought brands can give a nice look for less money. Or an item that will last a long time, like the Naked palette (I’ve had mine for over a year and it still looks brand new), is a good move when cosmetic shopping. Brushes? Sephora brand brushes are fabulous and affordable.
Have any questions about products I use, or want to know anything else that I didn’t touch on? Feel free to comment below or shoot me a message and I’ll be sure to answer!
We should all be putting our best face forward, shouldn’t we? :)
xx, B

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