Wednesday, January 15, 2014


When it comes to buying clothes, we all want to avoid overloading our credit cards and making purchases that we will regret later on.
Shopping is a sport ladies. Some are good and some just don’t know how to tackle a clothing rack. Before venturing into the unknown, there’s a few things that you need to know:
  1. What is currently in your closet? Buying another shirt that looks exactly like two others you already own isn’t going to do you any good.
  2. Know what size(s) you usually are. It’s easier to try on clothes when you can grab one or two sizes that you think will fit you and go from there. Not sure about your sizing? Take the time to get sized by a professional, they will make your life much easier.
  3. Know what colors/styles don’t flatter your body. You may learn this the easy way or the hard way, but don’t waste your time trying on a style if it’s never worked for you in the past. Especially if you are in a bit of a hurry, respect your body and try on those shapes that flatter you most.
  4. Know your budget. Buying a $500 dress is definitely not in my budget right now. So, if you know that it’s out of your price range, don’t attempt it. There’s nothing worse than trying on an expensive item that you fall in love with and can’t purchase – every other item you try on that day will seem subpar.
Make sure you know when to splurge and when to steal a great deal. When it comes to basics, shop smart. I love to get my cotton tees from TJMaxx – still designer brands but half the cost. Because, let’s be honest, basics don’t need to be super pricey to look good. When it comes to more fun pieces in your wardrobe, you can pick and choose which items to splurge on. But, don’t make the same mistake I’ve made so many times: Don’t buy something that doesn’t make you feel good or doesn’t go with anything you own. Those patterned pants or exotic tops can be great statement pieces, but if you can’t match them with anything, they aren’t going to benefit your wardrobe.
If you’ve got a little more to spend and are looking for unique pieces that are sure to be complimented, try going to boutiques near you that have one-of-a-kind looks. They may be slightly pricier, but they are typically well-made and spice up your wardrobe.
Have any favorite stores or boutiques to share, or any shopping advice you think others should know? Comment below!!
xx, B

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